I love the picture on the front page here. How lovely is that? Reeds, to me anyway, can be so darn beautiful. Even while they do cause us such grief.

Definition: Reed Rage. An affliction commonly found in double reed players, especially bassoonists. Less serious than Reed Neurosis suffered by oboe players. It involves leaping up and down on reeds that don’t work or stabbing them into music stands.

I found Reed Rage via Jonathan Burton’s blog, and I’m so glad I did. (At Mr. Burton’s page scroll down to find an audio clip!)

But now I want to start an oboe group called Reed Neurosis. I really really really want to. If only I could other oboists as wacky as I, and as willing to just get together to have fun and whine about reeds. (And yes, have neurotic episodes now and again.)

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