Okay now. Confession time: maybe my “episode” of yesterday caused my eyes to think the second stand light I bought was inadequate. I just used it and ‐ voilà! ‐ it seems to be okay. (Or maybe I just wanted to use the word “voilà”?) It’s still not perfect of course. For instance, I played a couple of wrong notes. OBVIOUSLY the stand light’s fault. (Duh.) But I think this thing will suffice and I am hoping it also means that all reeds will be good reeds.

I can dream, can’t I?

… and since the update comes before the original blog you’d better read on to know what the heck I’m going on about here. Yes? Here ’tis:

For the second time I have purchased a stand light that isn’t adequate. The first I purchased, Mighty Bright XtraFlex Duet Super LED Music Stand Light, burned out quickly, and I can’t seem to open it up to replace the batteries. The second, the GigLight Music Stand Light, has an adapter so I don’t have to rely on batteries. But it’s not bright enough for my taste.

Anyone out there have a light they think is the answer? Preferably something that can run with batteries but includes an adapter.

Do tell!

As you ponder this tough question, enjoy a bit of music:

Berlin Philharmonic Winds do the Tango!:

Arie Malando: Olé Guapa (arr. Joachim Schmeißer) · Berliner Philharmoniker Wind Soloists: Andreas Blau, flute; Albrecht Mayer, oboe; Wenzel Fuchs, clarinet; Stefan Schweigert, bassoon; Radek Baborak, horn / Recorded at the Berlin Philharmonie, 28 May 2009

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I just played my website.

Nary an oboe to be heard. And I guess I have a very, very boring website.

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I love the Telemann Canonic Sonatas, and not being able to find a video with oboes I’m putting this up instead. The oboe duo I’m coaching will be playing this, or at least part of it (might have to cut it down due to time issues), along with Sibicky’s Four Figment Fragments, 7:00 on March 11 at the UCSC recital hall. (Admission is free!)

I love Telemann. I find that his music fits well with my fingers. Handel, not so much. So give me Telemann!

The following isn’t the first canonic sonata, which my students are playing, but the second … but still, you get double reeds on this one:

And here’s the Sibicky (I know, I know, I’ve put it up twice before. But hey, it’s a fun work!):

Four Figment Fragments (for two oboes)
Uploaded by nicksib.

… and it’s now 10:08 and I’ve yet to brave standing … or eating! Guess I’d better see how I’m doing.

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I slept in until 8:15! The medication I took for dizziness probably helped. (I looked up the pill and it’s merely an antihistamine from what I can tell … those DO knock me out!) This morning feels better, but not perfect. I’m a wee bit dizzy. Enough so that I’ll be taking it very easy. (More importantly at the moment: why is an ant crawling on my computer. Ack!)

I will probably stay in robe and pjs only to make sure I don’t suddenly decide I’m 100% and go do something stupid. (Yes, I can be that way.)

What a crazy time! Initially I wasn’t thrilled to only have three rehearsals for Romeo and Juliet, and now I only have two. At the first rehearsal we didn’t get through the entire ballet, so tonight, the final rehearsal, will be the only time I get to play certain portions of the work. Ah well. We’ve done it a few times before, and I do know the work.

Now I’ll see if this stomach can handle anything.

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I’ll rock it out on stage, well as much as one can rock the oboe