Berlin Philharmonic Winds do the Tango!:

Arie Malando: Olé Guapa (arr. Joachim Schmeißer) · Berliner Philharmoniker Wind Soloists: Andreas Blau, flute; Albrecht Mayer, oboe; Wenzel Fuchs, clarinet; Stefan Schweigert, bassoon; Radek Baborak, horn / Recorded at the Berlin Philharmonie, 28 May 2009


  1. Is that a Wagner tuba?

  2. Ya got me, Tim. I’ll ask around.

  3. Yep. Wagner tuba. But you probably knew that already! 🙂

  4. Two in a row! Also as good as it gets.

    Gonna have to get the album, I think…

  5. I’m a real fan of Albrect Mayer; I downloaded his albums (if we can still call them that) from One FINE player!