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The last time Renee Fleming put out a “crossover” CD, she got bashed. Now she’s going to put on one that includes a cover of something by “Death Cab for Cutie” (I know the name, I don’t know the music). Here’s the full list:

“Dark Hope” contains 11 tracks…

Endlessly (Muse)
No One’s Gonna Love You (Band of Horses)
Oxygen (Willy Mason)
Today (Jefferson Airplane)
Intervention (Arcade Fire)
With Twilight as My Guide (The Mars Volta)
Mad World (Tears for Fears)
In Your Eyes (Peter Gabriel)
Stepping Stone (Duffy)
Soul Meets Body (Death Cab For Cutie)
Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)

I’m smellin’ major criticisms and cracks in her future.

Me? I’m always up for this kind of stuff if it’s done well. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. Time will tell.

I read it here.

Here she is on another of those crossover albums:

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… but it had to be done.

I woke with one of my splitting migraines. I suspect it might be tied in with the screeching ear. The head was bad enough that I canceled my students. First and foremost for the day was to get over the headache so I could play without too much pain tonight. Canceling out of the opening night performance of Romeo & Juliet just didn’t seem to be an option for me. Unless I thought I was dying, of course.

Up until about 4:30 I did wonder if I was ever going to get over the head. So many on Facebook and Twitter were kind enough to offer up suggestions. One solution came up multiple times: see a chiropractor. That really wasn’t an option. No time, no $ for that. Some suggested aspirin. Not an aspirin in the house. Of course “step away from the computer” was a suggestion (followed), as was coffee, believe it or not. So after putting the MacBook to sleep I had more ibuprofen and then had a nice latté. (I had to skip my morning latté because at that point the nausea was still too strong.) And I did absolutely nothing all day long, aside from rest and watch a bit of curling. (Man, that event could become addictive for me! It’s just fun to watch!)

It’s now 5:16 and I can finally say that I have turned the corner. I still ache a bit, but nothing like before.

I suppose this means I should change out of my robe & pjs and don the black, eh?

Or maybe the Romeo & Juliet audience would enjoy my hot pink robe?

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Because we are told over and over that younger people don’t like “classical music”. Hmm.

CLASSICAL music should be used for the 2012 Olympic anthem, according to a survey.

The Association of British Orchestras’ survey found 69 per cent of people wanted classical music or music combining classical and another style.

Of the 2,057 adults questioned, only 14 cent said they wanted a pop song.

I read it here.

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So, my oboe teacher went to this music conference last week. She was supposed to find me a good oboe. Instead, she comes back with a clarinet for my brother! WHAT’S UP WITH THAT!?

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I don’t think I could live without music. I have to hear music every day.

-Lee Lamkin

You might be thinking, “Meh. Big deal. So someone thinks this way.”

But the person I’m quoting is deaf. As were other students who attended a Knoxville Symphony Orchestra rehearsal.

I read it here.

I’m looking forward to reading more from this new blog, Beyond Words. To begin, here’s this:

This blog aims to guide the way to a deeper understanding of this venerable tradition. I hope to be a guide to the myriad opportunities in Chicago to hear free, amateur or professional concerts of a Classical and post-Classical variety–for both novices and initiates alike.

It’s a long journey, so let’s get started with a piece that requires no introduction, “Short Ride in a Fast Machine”. It was composed by John Adams, an American composer living near San Francisco. Much more about him to come.

Here in San Jose I’ve not done one single John Adams work. Sort of sad, if you ask me, as he’s not only well respected, but pretty local. Hmmm. Maybe next season?