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From the beginning, we have spoken of the special Viennese qualities…. The way we make music here is… something that has a lot to do with the soul. The soul does not let itself be separated from the cultural roots that we have here in central Europe. And it also doesn’t allow itself to be separated from gender… Therefore, I am convinced that it is worthwhile to accept this racist and sexist irritation, because something produced by a superficial understanding of human rights would not have the same standards.

-Dieter Flury, flautist and current business director (a 1996 quote)

Good to read in the same article that they say there is no racism or sexism in the orchestra though:

Hellsberg said: “There is no racism and no sexism in the orchestra” and added that they are “ambassadors for Austria”. He noted “the mathematical disparity between, for example, female flute students and the orchestra” and said “it must be addressed” but added that “playing for both the State Opera and the Vienna Philharmonic makes it very difficult for family life”. He pointed out “two more women have been confirmed”. He also pointed out: “In the first violin section we have two half-Japanese players.”

The orchestra’s spokeswoman added: “Perhaps women are just not as ambitious as men.”

Okay. I’m going to stop now. I want to go eat bon bons and watch some soaps.

Or maybe I’ll make my latté and teach three students.

We’ll see.

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