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I rarely give standing ovations. I’m stingy that way. When I stand, I want it to mean something. If I stand at everything it’s fairly meaningless, don’tcha think?

Or maybe I’m just lazy. Hmmm.

But someone got yelled at for giving a standing ovation. Amazing:

I particularly enjoyed it, so I stood up at the end and clapped. Something often referred to as a standing ovation.

A man and woman next to me also stood up, and at once provoked the blind, spitting fury of a well-dressed couple behind them who had remained seated. “How dare you stand up and ruin my appreciation?” said the well-dressed man.


Now I can understand someone getting angry about a standing O if the performance is bad. Heck, I’ve been on stage before when an audience has stood and I want to yell out, “Stop! It wasn’t that good!” (For the record, I’ve never done that.) But for an audience member to yell at someone in front of him because he can’t see? Well, as frustrated as I sometimes am because people stand right in front of me (Yes, it really does bug me.) I would never yell at the person or people. Just as I won’t yell at the people I frequently see in audiences who don’t applaud at all. And I’ve seen a number of them recently. Similar to my wanting to yell, “Stop! It wasn’t that good!” I sometimes want to go over and shake the person not applauding and say, “Don’t you realize that what you just heard (or saw) was glorious?!” I refrain from doing that too. I hope you all are proud of me for my wonderful restraint.

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