“When I was growing up, I generally tried to practice 30 minutes a day,” he said.

The students let out a collective gasp when Philipsen told them he now practices eight hours a day.

“It sounds kind of scary, but when you think about it, that’s my job,” the 26-year-old oboe player said.

I read it here.

I will readily confess: I do not practice 8 hours a day!

Now maybe what Philipsen is talking about is reed making + practicing + rehearsals. Could that be? I don’t count reed making and rehearsal & performance time as practice.

Hmmm. Maybe I should!


  1. Oh goodness…no, I don’t count reedmaking time as practice either. Though if I did, I might win some kind of award. I haven’t sat down to practice, and by that I mean not testing and adjusting reeds, in…gosh, months.

  2. Do you think the person quoted is saying he PLAYS 8 hours a day?! (And do you count rehearsals? I’ve never done that, but I think some do.)