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Lately, I’ve been loving classical music, Mozart and Beethoven, and I think how wonderful that this music is 300 or 400 years old, and we’re still listening to it. I want to be Beethoven, I want to be Mozart—I want people to be listening to those songs (of mine) 300 years form now. That’s my goal.

-Smokey Robinson

This is from his keynote address at SXSW.

My favorite quote is this:

I would tell you not to take yourself too seriously. If you think you can sing, I’m gonna take you to my church on Sunday. There will be people there who can blow you out of the water … If you think, man, the world knows me now, and they can’t possibly do without me — don’t kid yourself. You didn’t start this and you are not going to finish it.

If you reach your goal in any form or fashion, be thankful … if you get a break, use it and count your blessings.

I read it here.

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