Eric Whitacre is one of the names that I started to hear when Kelsey, our daughter, was in high school. She was singing in the choir, and if I’m remembering correctly they did something of his … maybe he was even there at some point? (Kelsey, what IS the story?) I think they were doing some of his music from Paradise Lost and I seem to recall it may have involved an expensive trip somewhere. Then again, I could have dreamed that up. Yes, I really do that!

But Eric Whitacre put together a virtual choir, having singers send in their video and then piecing it all together. He even awarded some of them their own solos. I find it very clever.

Lux Aurumque:

Maybe he’ll write something for a double reed choir and reeders here can “meet” on YouTube.

Hey … it could happen! 🙂


“How We Did It”


  1. I’m amazed. The hours of work it would take to assemble and mix that much material would cause even Hercules in the Aegean stables to think twice about the task…

  2. I really loved it, Bob. And it’s a great way to get a work some great publicity of course. 🙂