01. April 2010 · Comments Off on What Does “Relevant” Mean? · Categories: Ramble

We talk and talk (and write and write) about how classical music needs to be relevant to today. I’m not sure what that means, really. But whatever. I keep reading it. I keep scratching my head. But something new has popped up in my neck ‘o the woods.

Instead of being “relevant to today” our orchestra has decided we should be relevant to whatever time a work as composed. Thus, when we play Mozart the women are going to wear tight corsets and lovely gowns. (It was ruled out that we dress like the poorer folk. After all, the rich folks are the ones attending!) The men will wear white wigs of course, along with their coats, waistcoats and breeches. We are still trying to figure out how to deal with the hoop skirts. It might be that we stand to play when doing music from that era.

I’m especially looking forward to playing music from the 1920s. I’ve always loved the flapper look.

It has yet to be determined if women will be allowed to wear hats. The issue of sight lines has been discussed. If we can’t see the conductor, might there be problems.

Then again, who looks up?