I wouldn’t normally post this in April, but the tiger is just too funny (look in the back at the tiger stealing the show):

(Thanks, Rachael Rosenthal!)

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This critic just hated the performance. My wife and I like to read these and laugh. We will usually quote them over the next few days for fun. This guy was upset about everything from tempi to the use of repeats. Clearly the whole performance must have been very painful for him!!!

-James Gaffigan


I’m glad James Gaffigan can laugh. I have a very difficult time doing that. I guess I should take lessons from him! 🙂

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4th movement oboe soli DOMINATION!

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I don’t know if they’ve climbed every mountain, but they climbed one, and I’m impressed!

Thanks, Elaine Fine, for alerting me to this. (She wrote, “Can you imagine carrying a cello up 4,409 feet? I have trouble carrying one up a flight of stairs.”)