This video makes reed making look enjoyable, and these reeds look so pretty!

The Art of Making Oboe Reeds, Jennet Ingle from Paul Hamilton on Vimeo.

Mine aren’t quite as nice looking … and I’ve never thought of reed making as fun. Oh well!


  1. I think oboists need to form a united front and seek out two things:

    First, a better (more consistent, more durable) material.

    Second, a reed-making-robot (which could then fashion said materials into extremely consistent reeds).

  2. I keep waiting for one of my students’ parents to figure this out for us, Tim. It has yet to happen. Some have said they want to learn how to make reeds, but that’s about it.

  3. I have some of my students’ parents processing cane for me – not one of them has ever wanted to go a step farther than that, though.

    I love how pretty Paul has made my reeds – they really aren’t that artsy looking in life, sad to tell.

  4. I discourage parents from learning reed making without playing a note on oboe, but some think they should be able to do it. Heck, if they CAN I’ll buy reeds from them! (I’m really horrible at reed making.)

    You make it look easy and the reeds DO look pretty!

    So do you sell reeds?