The concert began when the lights were dimmed and Stephanie Kulas ’11 walked to the middle of the stage, took a deep breath and proceeded to play her clarinet with spot on tone and clarity, performing with total confidence and grace. Kulas’ music was titled queerly with monikers such as “Vivace assai” and “Adante espressivo” but was played with ultimate lucidity and focus, as she put all her attention into her performance.

This just made me smile. So I thought I’d share.

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We have AT&T Uverse. We also have our landline through AT&T. AND our cell phones are through them as well.


Well, my cell phone works. That’s it. Nothing else. Nada. Zilch.

We’ve been having issues on and off for a while. I’m ready to dump ’em and try something new. Trouble is I’m an idiot so I don’t know what else we can try.

But AT&T Uverse? You are really really bugging me and the only thing that was worse today was getting to Peet’s in Willow Glen (for a latté and free hour of internet) and having the guy who took my order be incredibly rude to me for no reason at all. I was being nice. Really! I even asked him after his rude little outburst if maybe he wanted me to go somewhere else … he was just plain mean.

So now I have no internet until who knows when unless I take advantage of a locale that provides free access. I guess this blog’ll be a bit boring for a while.


Maybe it’s already boring? Ack!

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The oboe I want is $11,225.76 0.o

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I told the audience, I said, ‘this is an amazing moment for me because the man that all clarinetists have to say is their idol is sitting in the box up there, it’s Benny Goodman,’ And everybody went, ‘AH!’, you know. Everybody was looking up at Benny and clapping and I didn’t notice that the bottom part started falling off the clarinet, and started… they fell on the stage of Carnegie Hall, so I scrambled down on my hands and knees and grabbed them before they fell off the stage and put it back together sort of quickly – it worked, but I’ll never forget that moment when I was looking up at Benny’s box, and my clarinet was rolling across the stage of Carnegie Hall. Oy.

-Richard Stoltzman

I read it here, and you can hear an interview with Stoltzman there.