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From the Weiss family (David is the former principal oboist of the LA Phil.)

Oboe Brands & Prices?

I’ve been playing oboe for 5 years now. I’ve been thinking of buying my own oboe (public school ones kinda suck). I want to find one the is affordable yet great sound. What are some good brands & price ranges? Hopefully anywhere from $400-$600. Thanks in advance. :]

Questions like this always make me a bit sad. I also worry that the young player will buy one of the cheap oboes that are good only to use as a lamp stand. Sigh.

I read it here.

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Many thanks to Bob Hubbard, of Westwind Double Reed for this:

What musical instrument sounds better? Oboe or Trumpet?

Ha ha ha! my sister(who plays the oboe) and me (trumpet) were having this huge debate about whose instrument soundz better! I don’t really care who wins, but just wanna know!

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In a recent review of the New York Philharmonic at Ravinia, Tribune music critic John von Rhein refers to the noise of the crickets. On behalf of all the cicadas, who have rehearsed very hard for these few weeks of glory at the festival, please do not confuse them with crickets. I am concerned that he might next confuse an English Horn with an oboe.

-Tom Adolphson

I found it here.