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Which is the correct term to describe the oboe part? Loud? no? yes? it seems loud

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That day I learned one can simultaneously feel sadness and hope all while being bewildered. That music can – and does – speak of immense immeasurable things that are the very meat of our humanness and experience is what makes it a truly special to share.

-Lynn Harrell

I read it here, at TAFTO (take a friend to orchestra). If you look to the right of Mr. Harrell’s entry you will see links to other contributions from this year. Check ’em out!

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… and she may be the new Supreme Court Justice. And I’ve read these things over and over. The oboe thing is brought up in every single article.

Sun Times
New York Times

… and may I just state plainly here that I am tired of hearing about the oboe playing. What we really want to know is: Can she make a good oboe reed? Does she shape her own cane? If so, what kind of cane does she use? And A-440? 441? Say what?

C’mon. Let’s address the reed issues. And address it NOW.

(And how in the world do we trust an oboe player?)