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Alphbeat singer Anders SG has revealed that he is heavily influenced by classical music.

The ‘Hole In My Heart’ singer said that he is particularly inspired by Baroque composer Johann Sebastian Bach, and wants to incorporate some organ music into his new material.

“These past six months I’ve been getting into classical music and been going out and seeing lots of classical concerts. I don’t know if you can call them gigs as such,” he told the Daily Record.

“In the past 20 years, pop songs have taken influences from classical music and it’s been sampled a lot as well.

“Music is really fascinating and it’s fun sometimes to work with something a bit different.

He continued: “I don’t think I’d release a classical album under a pseudonym but it’d be cool to use these things in my own environment. Maybe the next album will have some classical samples.”

Read here.

I hadn’t heard of him before, but I’m an oboe player, so there you go.

Go here to hear “Hole in my Heart”. (Embedding disabled by request.)

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Lang Lang plays an encore:

First seen here.

I wonder if Apple gave him one for free … ? They should! (They can give me one for free too. I’m okay with that.)

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I enjoy videos that actually are live, showing the instrumentalists, but since this concerto is never heard, I thought I’d put this up even without the live video …

Second Oboe Concerto by Gordon Jacob
Oboist-Jonathan Tobutt
Conductor-Eno Koco
Leeds University School of Music Philharmonia Orchestra
Recording Engineer – Kerry Anne Kubisa
This concerto has never been recorded and this performance is believed to be the first since 1970

First Movement:

Second Movement:

Third Movement:

I’ve never heard this work before. It’s a fun listen!

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Watching a very large, rotund man play the oboe. My brain can’t compute the image. What’s next, a thin guy on the tuba?