Being Gidon Kremer

Please don’t try the following with oboes!

A Fistful of Dollars (hope Brandon enjoys this one):

And, finally, Ave Astor Piazzolla:

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From The Opera Critic. (The review is by Michael J. Vaughn.)

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Got 113 on my oboe exam while hallucinating; quite good I think 🙂

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I’ll just remain silent on this one. Well, except to say I’ll remain silent on it. Um. Yeah.

Dan’s comments (not word-for-word since I’m not good at that memory thing):
“A dependable conductor.”
“If more than one person wears these you have a codependent orchestra.”

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Classical music fans pay the most library fines

“I’ve always known Lincolnshire is cultured,” he said, “So the idea that enough classical cds are being borrowed to allow them to be returned late on a regular basis is not a surprise.

“Many people assume that classical music isn’t for them.

“But this shows that there is a demand for this sort of music to be available.

“And it’s really encouraging that so many classical CDs are being taken out and listened to – even if the people who are, are getting fined for keeping them too long.”


The English horn, according to Medieval Life and Times, also evolved from the shawm and the hautbois, but historians are not sure as to when the oboe and the English horn became two separate instruments. The English horn is typically larger in size and slightly deeper in pitch.

Um … when someone writes “typically” it sort of implies to me “but not always” … am I wrong about this?

Read here: Origins of the Oboe and English Horn.