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If you were trying to watch the Darth Vader video earlier I had made a boo boo. It’s all fixed now. 🙂

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I made it into Anne Midgette’s blog entry.

I’m just a wee bit — or more! — jazzed. 😎

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I’m pretty pumped that this is my last oboe lesson of the semester!

Operaplot is over tomorrow. I’ve submitted a whopping 17 entries so far. And I’ll do more. It’s been fun to put them together, but what I’m sure was the winning entry popped in and then out of my head. Rats! If it doesn’t come to me by tomorrow, I guess it’ll have to wait until next year. If it’s done again next year.

Several people have complimented my efforts, and I have to say it really made me blush (well, not literally) and get all warm and fuzzy inside (again, not literally). I love wordplay, and I love opera. So getting positive words about what I’ve done is quite “happifying”. (Literally.) 😉

Meanwhile — since I won’t post all my entries here until tomorrow — enjoy a bit of Darth Giovanni. (Thanks, Mona!)

A sax is basically an oboe with a single reed mouthpiece and behaves in the same way as an oboe

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… or at least the “all of it” for me … this is the most I’ll see of Opera San José’s La Rondine. It’s great fun to get a glimpse of the opera. I see absolutely nothing from my seat in the pit. (Well, I see the orchestra, the conductor and the audience … there is that!)

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Musicians have hearing problems caused by prolonged exposure to sound. This also applies to performers of classical music, who are exposed to high sound levels. Hearing problems also affect the musicians’ experience of their working environment. Stress and experiencing the working environment as noisy are associated with hearing problems. Although musicians are worried about their hearing, the use of hearing protectors is rare.

Read more here.

I have special musician’s earplugs. I hate them, but I have them. And I try to wear them when possible. But I’ll never ever like them. Really.

(I got mine from this company, and while I say I hate them, I just mean that it bugs me to have to wear them because I hear my tongue clacking against the reed. I DO appreciate them, and I should have gotten them years ago.)

I am especially concerned with middle and high school students’ ears. I wonder if any band directors out there have seen what a decibel meter reports to them when the band is playing full blast in the bandroom. I own a decibel meter, and I’d happily loan it out to parents, students and directors if they want to borrow it to see what they are subjecting their ears to. I think all middle and high school students should have a musicians’ earplugs.

Hearing loss isn’t repairable.