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The EH solo is toward the end (7:10):

This is a real EH solo … one I can wrap my brain around. The one in the earlier blog entry is one I find less comfortable and harder to figure out. It does help, though, when I’m playing with full orchestra. Practicing it alone at home makes it more difficult. I do love the support of an orchestra! 🙂

But the toughest movement of all to me? The Scherzo. No joke. (Pun intended.) Where the beat IS and where it sounds like it is are two different things. Really. I’m assuming with a conductor it will feel a whole better.

The Scherzo begins at 5:45:

The winds are not playing on the downbeat. The piece is in 6/8 and they come in on the second 8th note. It’s a bit discombobulating to my ear.


Or maybe I just want to use the word “discombobulating”! 😉

In Other News

My blog rank is not getting better. I am dismayed.

(Okay, not terribly … but still …!!)

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