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Prizes are being given out. Tomorrow is the Big Day (no, I really doubt I’ll win, but I can dream, can’t I?), but Miss Mussel handed out some prizes today. Check out the winners! They are all deserving, to be sure.

In addition, prizes have been handed out elsewhere. Opera San José gave out tickets to opening weekend of Anna Karenina, and the recipient was none other than @mlaffs, who has a blog here. (Note the blog name! Maura and I have met, and I’m so happy she was the one to get that prize!) And hey, they even awarded me with a CD of Anna Karenina (that’ll come in quite handy!), and I was given an “honorable mention” at OPERA-TOONITY. Many thanks, too, to JCM for including one of my operaplots as a fave.

Now I’ll have to start planning for next year!

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Friday night, 8:00. Sunday afternoon, 3:00. California Theatre. Opera San José. La Rondine.

We already had to say goodbye to one of our casts (they performed their final show last night. The other cast has these two final performances above.

The videos below aren’t from OSJ, but just give a listen and enjoy. Then come to our production!

Someone on eBay is selling a Marigaux oboe. I love my two Marigaux oboes, and would gladly purchase another if I had unlimited funds. But the one I am reading about is especially exciting, and I would like to ask all of you to send me money so I can purchase it. Please.


Well … look what THIS one comes with:

All Thrill keys requried by a professional are there.

Well, sure “required” was misspelled. But I’m sure it really does come with all thrill keys and, I have to tell you, I really am a thrill seeker.

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I was always a band/orchestra person, so maybe that’s why “Glee” doesn’t work for me. Not enough oboe jokes.