10. May 2010 · 4 comments · Categories: Opera, Videos

It’s true that Dan & I spent the Big Bucks to attend San Francisco Opera’s Ring Cycle, directed by Francesca Zambello next summer. And I really am looking forward to it. But I wish I could go to LA Opera’s Ring Cycle, staged by Achim Freyer, this summer. (Good thing there was no LA opera prize from operaplot. If there had been, I’d be pretty miffed at myself for not winning. Whew!)

How cool would it be to get to both, eh?

Here’s the YouTube video snippet of LA Opera’s Das Rheingold:

So far I am not finding an SF Opera video to put up. I’ll keep looking!


  1. Maybe it’d be different if I were actually sitting there and seeing the whole thing, but this is just TOO odd for me to relate to in a short snippet. Pretty much the impression I got from the flyer in the mail. I’ve seen a lot of non-traditional treatments I’ve liked, but this is pretty out there – kind of like the Claymation/Monty Python/Max Headroom Ring. Hmm…more drugs, maybe that’s the answer? 😉

  2. It does seem awfully weird, but I want to see it live to decide what I really think. & I think LA Opera should invite me (And by that I mean “free tickets”) because … well … just because! 😉

  3. Well, of course free!!! Even I know that! 🙂 you deserve it – because…um…because…you’re my friend and an oboist and you want to go! (how’m I doing?)

    I agree I might have a different reaction if seeing it live. And even if it’s not my cuppa tea, it might be really cool to you and lots of other people. So I don’t mean to be putting it down, just describing my initial reaction.

  4. Actually my initial reaction is similar to yours. I just would like to have them give me tickets so they can try to prove us wrong!

    And yes, you were doing quite well above! 😎