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“I’m not going to pull any punches here, and I want to tell it like it is. This entire production has been a trying and difficult time,” Treleaven said. “The character development that I bring to the part is almost expunged by this clown-like makeup,” he said, adding that he has sustained two minor injuries on the angled stage.

Some of the main singers in L.A. Opera’s Ring aren’t very happy, it seems.


“It takes years to be able to sing a ‘Ring,’ and to just toss this all away — he doesn’t say it in words, but his gestures speak louder than words,” she said. “To have that not be important to him is very insulting.

“I’m not against modern interpretations,” she added, citing her appearance in experimental director Robert Wilson’s “Ring” in Paris. “That production was difficult, but it wasn’t dangerous.”

Neither Treleaven nor Watson had previously worked with Freyer. They emphasized that their conflicts with him are not personal.

“We’re taught to be professionals. Our job is to work with the director,” said Watson. “The days when you could be a diva — those are over.”


Die Walküre:


  1. Heh – I didn’t see the title of this when I read it yesterday! 🙂 But it had popped up at the top when I was reading something else this morning…at first I didn’t realize it was the title of an earlier post, and thought maybe it was some weird sort of PM thing (personal message, not Patty Mitchell).

    Yeah, I was thinking those costumes would be uncomfortable for the singers – but didn’t even consider the safety (lack of) aspect.

  2. I’m surprised that singers — the stars at least — don’t have more say in things like this.

    We instrumentalists … can you imagine if they told us that we had to wear some ridiculous thing? Heh. Right.