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A top California based iPad developer has just announced plans to donate 1000 copies of their award winning iPad application. They plan to donate to conservatories, music schools and educators across the U.S. copies of their hit app “The Orchestra”.

The developer xhumans said they will give away the 1000 copies of the app with free updates to the organizations free of charge and restrictions. The company will also be providing free 24/7 support for the award winning app, making this one of the largest charitable app donation ever undertaken.

Xhumans has teamed up with music teachers, non-profit classical music groups, and several instrument makers for this initiative. The donation has been enthusiastically backed by the Note for Note training group, the Department of Musical Education, and the Classical Music World Center.

I read it here.

Of course I don’t own an iPad, so there’s that issue in any case! But I did go to xhumans to see what “The Orchestra” was about. That took me to iTunes and I could then see what they have there. I’d love to check it out. For the English horn sample they give us Dvorak’s New World Symphony. No surprise there, eh? For oboe? Well. What would YOU pick as a good example? They chose Malcolm Arnold’s Fantasy for Oboe. Okay then. Not exactly the first thing that pops into MY head. In fact — dare I admit this? — I don’t even know the work! I had to look the darn thing up!

And yeah, I do look at the iPad and think it would be an awful lotta fun to own. I don’t exactly need it, though. I go back & forth between that and an iPhone. Oh … and nothing at all. Since if I’m talking need truth be told I already have more than I need. Or even deserve. (As if I deserve anything, eh?)

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