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Have you ever “played hurt”? They want to know.


  1. I ‘played hurt’ for 20 years or more. As an oboist, the weight of my horn rests on my right thumb, ans, as was explained to me, the thumb joint isn’t designed to carry that much weight in such a closed position.

    The problem started with a thumb that ached after practice or performance which could be relieved by massaging it with my left hand.

    As time went on and the thumb joint deteriorated I went through a variety of supports, both cobbled together by myself and made commercially, and never found one completely satisfactory. I was able to continue to play, but having the appliance between me and the instrument was a distraction to deal with.

    If you find yourself with a strain or soreness or such that doesn’t go away at a ‘normal’ rate, PLEASE check the IDRS for several excellent articles on musician’s medical problems. There are also a number of doctors and therapists working in the new field of ‘Music Medicine’, which didn’t exist when I was having my difficulties.

    Not to whine – that’s just how it was…

  2. patti with an i

    Haven’t we all?? Especially those of us without sick or personal leave? We are, sadly, slow to learn that “the show must go on” is not always the best policy.

  3. Bob, I now use this: http://chicagoreedcompany.com/wrist.html … what a wonder! It was completely worth the $250 I spent on it. I’ve actually rarely had hand issues, but using this made me aware of the strain on my hands, and how freeing it is to have NO weight to hold.

    Patti, yep. It takes a lot to get me to cancel out of work. I think I’m getting better about it, but I still have issues. For me it’s not always about the leave, but about “if I miss this rehearsal I’ll freak at performance!” I like as many rehearsals as I can get.