How nice for someone to post something for his/her mom. Just hope it was approved by mom first! 🙂

Read online:

I am posting this for my mom. she has 50+ years of oboe/english horn experience playing through school, college, professionally and teaching. Many of her students have received full scholarships to school (as many of you may have never heard of an oboe.. many don’t so if you become good at it, you are one of a few! your chances for scholarship are 100x of those who play trumpet, violin, clarinet, piano or most other better known instruments (Not to knock them because she has played them all at one point and has taught them all… They are a dime a dozen!) She only wishes to teach oboe and english horn at this point since that has always been her major. She has made Time magazines 100 top Oboe players & their teachers (as a student & teacher). She will teach anyone from beginning to advanced students wanting to become the best!
30 half hour
50 full hour

Also lessons for making your own reeds! or learning new methods. She has taken lessons from many people over many years and has combined many professional methods. (reeds also available for sale)


  1. Time Magazine had a 100 Top Oboe Players & Their Teachers?

    Sounds kinda suspect to me…

  2. Yep, does to me too! I googled that and came up empty. So is the whole thing a scam? Hmmm.

    And here I thought it was “sweet” … I can be such a sucker!