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He is 85 today!

He paints and conducts too:

… but can he make an oboe reed?

Thanks to Thomas Meglioranza for alerting me to this birthday via his Facebook page.

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I do hope they put more up! This is really wonderful! (I would like my students to note the half hole work … no “half hole hop”, no slide … just a nice clean pivot.)

PS Dan has a trio up at his site, too. 😉

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Good night. P.S : I want a MacBook, Oboe and Cello 🙂

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One man’s firewood is another man’s oboe talks about African blackwood. I’ve always called it grenadilla, some say mpingo (but I can’t pronounce that!), I’ve heard it called ebony, and from what I read here I guess it’s all one and the same. And it’s a threatened species.