Musician John Woods-Wahl says robots aren’t replacing humans, but that he thinks of them as instruments that can make sounds humans can’t. Tyler Yamin has been working on a robot to play in a Gamelan, an Indonesian musical ensemble that includes gongs, flutes and metal drums.

“Normally, one person would play two or three pots at a time with two sticks,” he says. “But instead of having a robot with two arms, I’m going to have a robot with seven arms.”

Well fine. But when will someone find a reed-making robot? Huh?

Read more here. Or just listen.


  1. My favorite quote in the article:

    “It’s sort of like having a robot have sex for you so you don’t have to.”

  2. Yeah, I would have put that one up, but I was thinking “family friendly”. 😎

  3. Oops, guess I just spoiled that. Mea culpa.

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    I’ll settle for any kind of garden variety energy at this point, doesn’t even have to be Mahler.

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