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Rice, while an accomplished classical pianist who has performed with famed cellist Yo-Yo Ma and other classical music legends, is not generally known for performing contemporary music.

Franklin, meanwhile, is scheduled to sing several selection of classical arias — also well out of her musical comfort zone.

The two women have markedly different political views. Franklin is a staunch Democrat who performed at President Barack Obama’s inauguration while Rice, a dyed-in-the-wool Republican, was a mainstay for all eight years of the Bush administration.

But Franklin, who is currently working on an opera record featuring well-known arias, told the New York Post the pair would put aside those differences for their outing next month.

“Ms Rice is a consummate classical pianist and since I sing the arias, I thought we could do something — a bipartisan effort for our favorite charities,” the soul diva said.


From the Fresno Double Reed day in 2009. (Some year I’m going to get myself down there for this. (I believe it’s always on President’s Day.)

Jason Robert Brown had an exchange with a teen about copyright issues and taking his music for free. With her permission he posted the exchanges they had. I think everyone who “borrows” or “trades” music should read it. I doubt it’ll change the minds of every thief … um … I mean trader … but perhaps some will begin to understand.

Here’s something to entice you, by the young trader of music that is not her own:

I’ve taken down your music, but if you’re really Jason Robert Brown, I’d like to ask you a question. Why are you doing this? I just searched you on this site and all of the stuff that people have of yours up there say that it’s “Not for Trade Per Composer’s Request.” Did you think about the aspiring actors and actresses who really need some good sheet music? If you’re really who you claim to be, then I assume you know that Parade, Last Five Years, 13 The Musical, etc. are all genius pieces of work and that a lot of people who would love to have that sheet music can’t afford it. Thus the term “starving artist.” Performers really need quick and easy ways to attain good sheet music and you’re stopping a lot of people from getting what they need. It matters a great deal to them that they can get it for free. Why does it matter so much to you that they don’t?

Sigh. Grumble. Scream.

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Made my very first oboe reed today! 🙂

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How playing in band can lead to a life of drugs. Beware!

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Anyone else?

So … do you all wrap the same way? Do you do anything differently? If so, what is your technique?

I find this to be a very clear video, and I think could be quite helpful to young reed makers. So Diane, will you continue on with more steps? And will you send me some reeds, please?

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Read online:

Is a clarinet more popular than an oboe?

But who cares? Please please please choose the instrument that draws you in. It’s not about popular. It’s about what hits you in the gut and the heart and makes you love music.

At least for me. Some just want to be popular. I know.

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The oboe sounds like an out of tune soprano. Lol.

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… and this is only part of what I read:

My parents made me audition for a part I really did not want to do far away in a different state. . . I tried to throw it and still got 1st oboist and it was the meanest judge I’ve ever met. . . so just go with it. You have no clue how good or bad others are.

It’s also good to expose yourself. I got a job playing flute and oboe in church when I was 15 (and had only been playing flute a year and oboe 2 at that time, but sounded Great!). Jobs like that really increase you confidence level in front of an audience, then seeing judges aren’t bad.

Kids sometimes really crack me up! 🙂

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.. and it’s another young conductor who has been hired. This time it’s for Seattle:

It’s official: The Seattle Symphony Orchestra’s baton will be passed to a 36-year-old French maestro, Ludovic Morlot, when Gerard Schwarz steps down from the music directorship a year from now.

I read it here.

Here’s another article.