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When one of us blows it on stage, we’ve been known to say, “At least I’m not a brain surgeon!”

Perhaps we should now add, “At least I’m not a baseball ump!”

Really. I realize the guy made a horrible call. I realize he blew it. Big time. But I’ve heard the most hateful stuff … some of it said by musicians. Hmmm. I’m not gonna cast a stone in that ump’s direction. Not until I’m perfect anyway. And of course once I’m perfect I wouldn’t do it either, because perfect people don’t do that sort of thing.

Meanwhile … I’m just thankful I’m not an ump. Especially that guy.

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(No more changes for the oboe3/English horn player; this is all on EH. So the EH looks “normal” to me. No “viennese English horn”? Anyone know?)

Note that the soloist is a woman. Guess Vienna couldn’t find a male singer to cover the part. 😉

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(In this performance the soloist comes out before the 3rd, but doesn’t sing until the 4th … but it’s attacca so there you go. I wonder if our soloist will do the same, or if she’ll sit there for the entire work.)

A most glorious movement …

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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… and we continue …

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Vienna Phil with Bernstein … look at all those men. You’ll also see the Viennese oboe there.

“There is no ban on women musicians playing here but the Vienna Philharmonic is by tradition an all-male orchestra. Our profession makes family life extremely difficult, so for a woman it’s almost impossible. There are so many orchestras with women members so why shouldn’t there be – for how long I don’t know – an orchestra with no women in it … A woman shouldn’t play like a man but like a woman, but an all-male orchestra is bound to have a special tone.”

-Paul Fürst, said in a 1987 documentary

Part 1

Part 2

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I pefer a Jecklephone. rRT @stephenfry: Wednesday night’s QI H-boo 10 http://bit.ly/aqpcLV (expand) was “heckelphone” a kind of bass oboe