03. June 2010 · 3 comments · Categories: Videos

(No more changes for the oboe3/English horn player; this is all on EH. So the EH looks “normal” to me. No “viennese English horn”? Anyone know?)

Note that the soloist is a woman. Guess Vienna couldn’t find a male singer to cover the part. 😉


  1. I guess Mahler wasn’t taking the “all-male sound” into consideration when he wrote this…guess your orchestra should be ok with a woman soloist!

  2. Bernstein recorded the 4th with the Concertgebouw – using a boy soprano (treble):

    Symphony No. 4 (1900)
    Helmut Wittek (treble)
    Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam
    Recorded June 1987, Amsterdam, Concertgebouw, Grote Zaal

    How’s that for useless information? 😉

  3. Well there you go! We can dump women completely. Woo hoo!

    (I’m all for useless information.) 😉