03. June 2010 · 3 comments · Categories: Baseball

When one of us blows it on stage, we’ve been known to say, “At least I’m not a brain surgeon!”

Perhaps we should now add, “At least I’m not a baseball ump!”

Really. I realize the guy made a horrible call. I realize he blew it. Big time. But I’ve heard the most hateful stuff … some of it said by musicians. Hmmm. I’m not gonna cast a stone in that ump’s direction. Not until I’m perfect anyway. And of course once I’m perfect I wouldn’t do it either, because perfect people don’t do that sort of thing.

Meanwhile … I’m just thankful I’m not an ump. Especially that guy.


  1. Hi Patty, I’m a girl from Vietnam. I’ve read your blog for nearly an hour, I don’t know what to say, FANTASTIC! In Vietnam, artists ( or someone works in art) don’t usually write blog. Maybe they don’t have time or their writing is “messy”. This is my first time.

    I like your words a lot, and the titles: MQOD, TQOD, BQOD… look like codes, then I realize what they are about.

    I’m looking forward to your next post. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for commenting here, and nice to meet you! I hope you continue to visit, and feel free to comment any time! Cheers!

  3. PS An An … do you blog as well? Are you a musician?