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… because this is an honest blog. And because I am horrified.

I just played the absolute worst measure of my life tonight. In a solo. I have an explanation, but that’s no excuse. I’m absolutely horrified. And embarrassed.

And I have to go and play it again tomorrow.

That’s live music, folks.

(I will be avoiding all reviews like the plague. Of that you can be sure. And if you see any, I don’t want to know about it please! Let me keep my head in the sand this time, eh?)

For the rest of the story go here.

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The important thing is to never let oneself be guided by the opinions of one’s contemporaries; to continue steadfastly on one’s way without letting oneself be either defeated by failure or diverted by applause.

-Gustav Mahler

If you are reading this at posting time I’m probably playing Mahler 4 right now! Thanks to Emily for the quote.

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Okay … maybe that’s not what a “sustainable clarinet” is after all. And yeah, I know they can sustain notes. So never mind that.

Last December the first FSC-certified blackwood was harvested in Tanzania. Then Bridgland spoke to Hanson, the UK clarinet makers: “The light went on. There was immediate recognition and a level of understanding.” The first sustainable Hanson clarinet will be ready early next year. Meanwhile, oboist and conductor Nicholas Daniel has become patron of the campaign. This time next year perhaps we’ll be listening to the first sustainably harvested chamber group.

I read it here.

And here’s the Sound & Fair link.

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A trombone, drums and a guitar. Oh and a oboe… oo and its punk rock. Wait… what?

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This time from a pianist:

Pogorelic, known for his antics, scolded the crowd from the first piece, telling the audience to “stop talking!” while he was playing. He even had the insolence to admonish the Jerusalemites, who paid more than NIS 300 a head to see him, that “this is a concert hall, not your Knesset.” After that outburst and during the intermission some members of the audience left in protest, and during the second half, one of the “stop talking” scolds even prompted an audience member to shout back at Pogorelic´ to “stop playing!”


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… but Jarret does:

“Perfectly placed,” he snipped, about the cough. Deep sigh. He was about to play again when someone else coughed.
“Oh, now there’s going to be a contagion.”
Jarrett stood up and wandered away from his instrument and over to a microphone to complain about audiences everywhere; they just cannot stop coughing when he tries to play softly for them. “Even the Japanese have started to cough. That’s how weird it is.”


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“Oh my gosh! Why are there wood chips in front of our couch?! It looks like a hamster lives in front of our couch!!”

Read here.