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So now, thanks to French (not English) hornist Bruce Hembd‘s communication to me via Facebook, I have “Facebook Quote of the Day” opportunities! No names are given, but the rest is the person’s status.

People who read my FB page know my status often includes report of a latté being enjoyed. For instance my latest is this:

Patty Emerson Mitchell Why hello latté number 2!

Here’s the very first FBQD for you:

[name here] Is pretty sure my moms morning oboe lessons qualify as child abuse.

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Yep … my repairman, someone I can’t do without, can be seen here. I just chatted with him a week ago, when I took my main instrument in to be repaired (it’s already come back home, in top notch shape!).

Here’s the announcement that accompanied the picture of Mark:

Victoria Racz
presents the seventeenth annual

The 17th Annual Northwest Oboe Seminar

Saturday, August 21, 2010
All Saints’ Episcopal Church, Portland
The Care & Feeding of Your Oboe with returning guest Mark Chudnow

If this was in a closer location I just might sign up to attend. I could use a good class on caring for my babies!

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I get lots of news releases for concerts and CDs. Sometimes I get offered tickets or a CD if I want to review something (I rarely take advantage of the CDs; I have too many recordings I never get to as it is). I rarely get to take advantage of the ticket offer, as they are mainly in New York City. I’ve also been told in some emails that I can access the recording here (they send this: “Available in your PLAY MPE player for streaming and download” with a link). Of course how I do that, I haven’t a clue!

But I loved the Deutsche Grammaphon email I just received:

John Adams Conducts the Los Angeles Philharmonic in 20th & 21st Century Music for “West Coast, Left Cosast”

Dan, Jameson and I are hoping to visit the Left Cosast sometime soon. 🙂

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Student is expected to own all the basic reedmaking equipment and be able
to wrap reeds and complete a basic scrap.

Well, nearly ALL my reeds look, basically, like scrap. Really. 😉

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Read online:
How much are these instruments, The Oboe, The Bass Oboe, and the English Horn?
I want all prices from places around Leander and Austin Texas, i wan’t to be able to compare the prices
(I know they get pricey, so i would also like some “LOWER” prices)

So the person knows how to use “yahoo answers” but can’t figure out how to locate prices for instruments? Okay, then.

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… but a bassoon isn’t an oboe. So there. But yes, it’s a burping bedpost.

Very fun!

Adrienne Block: Geologist

I found ’em here.

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I forgot about the oboe solo in star spangled banner….. Eh