10. June 2010 · Comments Off on Just Received · Categories: Havin' Fun

I get lots of news releases for concerts and CDs. Sometimes I get offered tickets or a CD if I want to review something (I rarely take advantage of the CDs; I have too many recordings I never get to as it is). I rarely get to take advantage of the ticket offer, as they are mainly in New York City. I’ve also been told in some emails that I can access the recording here (they send this: “Available in your PLAY MPE player for streaming and download” with a link). Of course how I do that, I haven’t a clue!

But I loved the Deutsche Grammaphon email I just received:

John Adams Conducts the Los Angeles Philharmonic in 20th & 21st Century Music for “West Coast, Left Cosast”

Dan, Jameson and I are hoping to visit the Left Cosast sometime soon. 🙂

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