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“I was sitting in the heart of the best orchestra in the world, playing with the best musicians, playing the most beautiful repertoire,” he said. “Every day, every rehearsal, every minute on that stage — I was filled with awe.

“It’s like I went to heaven, and then I came back.”

Alex Klein talks about his focal dystonia.

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So they’ve combined more parts for the latest Broadway version of West Side story. I’ve never gotten to play it, as it’s always been a doubling book … but now it’s even crazier; the guy plays eight instruments. Wow.

I saw this CBS news segment earlier this evening:

Watch CBS News Videos Online*

*sorry … video is gone now. 🙁

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bonus clip: Jason on Beethoven from itsasickness productions on Vimeo.

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The New South Wales Government has announced plans to redesign the forecourt area of the Sydney Opera House in an effort to reduce the number of accidents involving pedestrians at the venue.

Since its opening in 1973, there have been over 200 serious incidents, with the number of minor accidents close to one a day. The long flight of steps is part of the problem, but a more pressing concern is the traffic around the forecourt, with the most serious accidents involving pedestrians being hit by goods vehicles.


For the record, I have never had an accident at the Sydney Opera House. Also for the record, I have never been to Australia.

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I had a very fun oboe lesson, I had forgotten what a sheer joy it is to do something that you love and I even got to play a duet with my teacher. Brings back alot of super memories for me.

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I just heard that oboe players go mentally crazy from the pressure that a double reed puts on your brain.

… do you want to answer?

The Pasadena Symphony is the latest regional orchestra to get itself into financial hot water. It won’t be the last. So many second- and third-tier American orchestras are currently struggling to survive that I’ve been asking myself, not for the first time, whether such institutions may possibly have outlived their artistic usefulness. Do regional orchestras make artistic sense now that the ubiquity of downloadable digital music has rendered obsolete their historic function of bringing classical-music masterpieces to smaller communities? Or can these floundering ensembles be successfully “repurposed” for the twenty-first century?

These tough questions are the subject of my “Sightings” column in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal. If, like me, you wonder whether and why regional orchestras ought to be saved, pick up a copy of Saturday’s paper and see what I have to say.

He poses the question here. I don’t get the WSJ, so someone else will have to fill me in on his opinion.*

I have mine. And of course I’m in one of those in a “second- and third-tier American orchestras” … so you can probably guess what I think. But briefly I’ll just ask this: is a CD recording the same as a live performance? Does it bring the same excitement? The same “on the edge” playing. (The same stupid English hornist errors?)


*The link has been shared with me, and you can read the full article here.