12. June 2010 · 8 comments · Categories: TQOD

I just heard that oboe players go mentally crazy from the pressure that a double reed puts on your brain.


  1. It [i]would[/i] explain the general weirdness of oboe players. That, or there’s some sort of chemical in reeds.

  2. I have always wondered … does playing oboe make us crazy, or did our craziness cause us to choose oboe? Hmm.

  3. Mentally crazy. Hmmm. As opposed to physically crazy?

  4. Well yes, dk. In my case I’m mentally crazy, but my back is apparently physically crazy too. Ya see?

  5. I’d say your back is physically sick, but not physically crazy. But hey, it’s not my back, you can call it as ya see it!

  6. Ya think? Can a crazy person REALLY call it as she sees it?

    Well yeah, I guess so.

    Of course she might be totally wrong.

    But crazy people don’t care if they’re wrong. Right?

  7. I chose the history of the oboe for a music history paper last semester:
    One of my sources mentioned an old belief that the oboe’s back-pressure changed the shape of the back of the skull. If you began oboe at a fairly young age you only had about forty years until the entire back of your head just blew out.
    Obviously not true, but hilarious to hear from a semi-academic source.

  8. This is hysterical … from now on I’m going to check the back of all my oboist pals’ heads. Just to be sure …. 😉