Clarinet or oboe??????????????
Which one is better????????

I play the oboe im just wondering what everyone prefers. What sounds better??/ What looks better?? I love the oboe personally and have been playing it for two years( almost grade 4) 😉



  1. If only I’d thought to ask this sort of question before I took up the bassoon…

    My answer to them, from years of painful experience: the less resistance, the better you look. This is obviously the most important factor in choosing an instrument.


  2. believe it or not… what I often hear;

    “which can get me\my child more money with a college scholarship?”

    along with the obvious, which has the:

    smallest case\can fit in my backpack
    best solos
    capacity to play rap music or be in a band

  3. Heh … so many things we should have asked, eh?

    Caitlin, I’ve definitely heard the scholarship one! I discourage those parents if I’m able. (Usually I’m not.)

    I’ve also heard the “do you get spit in this instrument” and when I explained swabbing the mom said “Maybe we’ll try flute instead.” I then sugggested she move to a string instrument.