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… and same with English horns. No way would I ever trust those guys I’ve seen dealing with luggage. I remember watching through my plane window once and I could swear they were having a contest to see who could throw the luggage the hardest.

A New Brunswick music professor’s days of travelling the globe and playing his lute may have come to abrupt end after its instrument was snapped in half by Air Canada.

Michel Cardin, a music professor at the University of Moncton, said he is wondering whether he’ll be able to play his lute again after Air Canada broke his instrument on a recent trip.

When he opened up the case after returning to Moncton, the lute was snapped in two.

‘It’s as if the doctor told you [that] you can’t speak anymore for the rest of your life.’— Michel Cardin, music professor
“It was just like impossible to speak. It was a shock and I was depressed for at least a week,” Cardin said.

Cardin said the lute, which is a replica of an 18th century lute, is priceless to him. He said it’s the instrument’s sound that has led to his international career.



  1. Have you seen the youtube video “United Broke my Guitar”? Very funny way of presenting a very similar story. Somehow I think “Air Canada Broke my Lute” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it…

  2. Yep, saw that video … quite hysterical and really got some attention. But obviously didn’t solve the problem! (Is a lute so large the guy couldn’t have taken it as carry-on? I thought a lute was rather small …?)

  3. Nope, they’re pretty big, actually. And airlines are being much more restrictive about what you can carry on lately, making people check their carry-on size bags, or so I’ve heard from one friend who flew recently.

  4. I did know they’ve gotten very restrictive. I *didn’t* know lutes were so large! No way would I go on a plane if they wouldn’t allow my instruments.

    Oh. Wait. I never go anywhere. No problem here. 🙂