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I found, yet again, a real estate news page providing personal information about a well known oboist in a major symphony orchestra. It shows his photo, with his oboe in hand. He is selling his 3.5-bath 2,0101 square foot home. It gives the address. It tells me what he paid for the home and what he’s asking. (It’s a beautiful home, by the way!) I won’t put a link here. I’m just so appalled at the lack of privacy. I realize that homes are on the internet and everyone can find all that information. I’m just bugged that they then give the owner’s profession and show his picture as well. (I do wonder if he even knows.)

Doesn’t it seem as if this sort of thing should be available so easily to everyone? Or am I just ridiculously crazy thinking that way?

Oh well. I know that when Dan and I finally sell this place my oboe playing won’t be newsworthy enough to appear anywhere.

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Behind Bars:

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… but so is SHE! Here is Irene Dalis, founder of Opera San José:

Irene Dalis from Beautiful Minds on Vimeo.

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Follow your first instinct. Unless that instinct is to play Oboe.

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Classical music is one style of music that works to calm the savage beastie in all of us.

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It seems that those who call for the end of classical music, or at the very least are saying that it is too elitist are actually being elitist themselves. They are calling orginizations with very poorly paid musicians unnecessary, when millions is spent on sports which are equally or less important culturally. Perfection does not exist, and in music quality is in the ear of the listener.

In Mr. Teachout’s article for the Wall Street Journal he states that why pay to listen to a mediocre performance of an old warhorse when you can get a copy of the piece on iTunes for next to nothing. Somehow he feels that the live experience is of no value; strange seeing as he is a theatre advocate. As a musician and parent I have been to many performances of school ensembles when things have been less than perfect. That doesn’t mean that I was not moved by what I heard or profoundly touched by the enthusiasm of the performers.

Please do read the whole thing!

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This Thursday, the Houston Symphony will be pioneering a new form of communication with its audience, providing up to the minute Tweets about the music being performed.

Programme notes for the ‘Tweetcert’ have been written by conductor Brett Mitchell in 140 character snippets, and will be published via Twitter at a rate of one per minute.

Mitchell says of the project: “Engaging one or two more of the senses, I think, is a fabulous way of interesting people who might not come to a concert on a regular basis. It might entice them to come.”

I know some folks really love this idea. Thoughts?

I read about it here where I was also happy to read that they are doing this for an outdoor concert. If they bring these sorts of things indoors I hope they have a special seating area for the people who want to take part so others aren’t distracted by the bright screens.

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does anybody know an oboe/clarinet/accordian player in town?