17. June 2010 · Comments Off on I Find These Very Strange · Categories: Ramble

I found, yet again, a real estate news page providing personal information about a well known oboist in a major symphony orchestra. It shows his photo, with his oboe in hand. He is selling his 3.5-bath 2,0101 square foot home. It gives the address. It tells me what he paid for the home and what he’s asking. (It’s a beautiful home, by the way!) I won’t put a link here. I’m just so appalled at the lack of privacy. I realize that homes are on the internet and everyone can find all that information. I’m just bugged that they then give the owner’s profession and show his picture as well. (I do wonder if he even knows.)

Doesn’t it seem as if this sort of thing should be available so easily to everyone? Or am I just ridiculously crazy thinking that way?

Oh well. I know that when Dan and I finally sell this place my oboe playing won’t be newsworthy enough to appear anywhere.

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