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Their sound for the 21?2-hour musical “Cinderella Enchanted” (which closes this weekend) is so on time and clear it could be canned tunes.

This pit, the orchestra pit, is 20-feet long, 61?2-feet wide and 6-feet deep — 6 feet under being an appropriate phrase, because in this pit six musicians are buried and out of sight to an audience that sometimes doesn’t realize they’re there.


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First line in an article I just read:

Good thing the Omaha Chamber Music Society musicians have talent.

I read it here.

Whew! What a relief, eh?

Okay. Maybe it doesn’t hit you the way it hits me. I realize I can be a bit … oh, I dunno … off.

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[name here] is sweating because he was playing his Oboe. 🙂

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had such a productive day, O___o apart from forgetting my Oboe for the concert, that was a mistake…

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Members of the South Africa Vuvuzela Philharmonic Orchestra, widely considered to be among the best large-scale monotonic wind instrument ensembles in the world, told reporters Friday they were furious over the recent outbreaks of international soccer matches during their traditional outdoor concerts.

“I cannot imagine what is getting into these football teams that they would suddenly begin full-scale international competition just when we are beginning our 2010 concert series,” said Dr. Stefan Coetzee, the Philharmonic’s program and concert director. “It is disrespectful to the performers, it is disrespectful to the music itself, and by extension, it is disrespectful to the great nation of South Africa.”


So what do you think … should the vuvuzelas be banned, or do you love that vuvuzela buzz. Or do you even care? Anyone else watching any of the games? (I’m not exactly addicted, but I’ll check in now and then.)

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Sir Paul McCartney has revealed that he’s been commissioned to write the music for a ballet.

Details still need to be fleshed out but he’s already started work on the score and says he’s “enthusiastic” about it.

“I’m interested in doing things I haven’t done before,” he said.

“That offer came up and I love writing music, the two went together and I said, ‘Yeah,’ so I just accept things before I even know what I’m doing.”

There’s no set deadline yet and when asked what the ballet would be about, McCartney admitted it was early days.

“I don’t really know that much about it yet,” he admitted. “I’m just writing music for it, but it’s a switch!”