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Frustrated fans pleading for something — anything — to be done to stop the Pirates’ losing ways are likely to find little to cheer about in the baseball team’s latest move.

They fired a pierogi.


I found it, thanks to Susan Laney Spector’s blog entry over at Perfect Pitch.

One of the reasons I don’t blog anonymously is that having my name out there causes me to be a little more careful about what I write. I’m still not always careful enough, much to my embarrassment. But I do try to be cautious.

Facebook is a bit more protected … but not really. People there assume that what they write will only be seen by their “friends” (a term used quite generously, as so many on our lists aren’t really friends, but merely acquaintances). But we all know that friends can make mistakes. Friends can share. Friends can also use printers and print out a page from your Facebook page. And, sad but true, friends can become “unfriends”. (We “unfriend” people … we never “enemy” them. Hmm.) So even with Facebook I suggest that if it’s not something you are willing to see published on a universal billboard you’d be best to keep your fingers still and not type. Truly.

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Opera Chic’s take on the whole mess?

If you don’t feel like putting on a show because you’re protesting for what you perceive as your inalienable workers rights, stay home. Strike. And let the opera house cancel the show, refund the ticket buyers (Platea and front-row Palchi tickets for la Scala, will set you back 224.40 euros, i.e. 277.93 US dollars).

RTWT and come back here.

Okay. Did you read it?

Now … wanna join in and tell me what you think? I wonder if readers here would know what I think on this one. Hmmm. Maybe, instead, you want to comment on what you think I would think! Go for it.

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Ah, Ms. Netrebko:

On conductors

“There are two types of conductors. One is the good conductor who can do passionate music, but also listen to the singers and do the orchestra. And then there are great conductors, who have their own opinion on the music, who are ruling everything – and not listening much to the singers, but the orchestra play amazingly. I prefer it when the conductor follows me. It is more difficult to work with a conductor who does not listen – even if I understand that sometimes it makes sense when one person is ruling everything. But for bel canto, I have to have a conductor who listens and supports me.”


The above is only a brief taste. You really have to read it all.

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Lief brought her oboe home tonight. It sounds like a dying duck. I am laughing SO hard…… right now….. how long before it gets really annoying??

Some interesting typos from oboists:

needed for reed making: “Goughing Machine”

& what to do before you wind that “goughed” & shaped piece of cane on to the staple: “scorn” the cane

Since every reader (and reeder) here knows that I am not the world’s best proofreader of my own blog, please know I’m just havin’ a bit ‘o fun here. 🙂

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Also, told [name removed] about my ambition to be an oboe player in the sexy band in Cabaret, and she now thinks I’m frivolous/deluded/both