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Frustrated fans pleading for something — anything — to be done to stop the Pirates’ losing ways are likely to find little to cheer about in the baseball team’s latest move.

They fired a pierogi.


I found it, thanks to Susan Laney Spector’s blog entry over at Perfect Pitch.

One of the reasons I don’t blog anonymously is that having my name out there causes me to be a little more careful about what I write. I’m still not always careful enough, much to my embarrassment. But I do try to be cautious.

Facebook is a bit more protected … but not really. People there assume that what they write will only be seen by their “friends” (a term used quite generously, as so many on our lists aren’t really friends, but merely acquaintances). But we all know that friends can make mistakes. Friends can share. Friends can also use printers and print out a page from your Facebook page. And, sad but true, friends can become “unfriends”. (We “unfriend” people … we never “enemy” them. Hmm.) So even with Facebook I suggest that if it’s not something you are willing to see published on a universal billboard you’d be best to keep your fingers still and not type. Truly.


  1. Patty,

    Thanks for reading my post and for linking to it.

    You and I have had numerous e-conversations about the inherent dangers of putting information “out there” on the Internet. Obviously, it’s a message that bears repeating!

    Hope Sammy Seal doesn’t put anything derogatory on HIS Facebook Wall; I LOVE that little guy!

  2. It does seem as if some folks need constant reminding, doesn’t it? Of course I think I do, too … so there you go!

    Facebook is one of those places where I think people think they are “safe” since they choose their friends. But we all know how friends can change ….

    Sammy Seal? Or do you mean Lou Seal, my beloved SF Giants (who are flailing right now) mascot? Hmmm?

  3. Yes, of course: LOU Seal!

  4. But of course we DO like Sammy Seal as well. 🙂