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… or not.

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If you are looking to buy an oboe, make sure it has all the fingerings a high school oboist will be required to use.

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my brother is so aggravating, he thinks just because he plays the guitar he is automatically better than, and gets the garage to practice. but just because i play the oboe means i don’t have the right to practice loudly? who said everyone loves to hear his stupid guitar every day, i don’t. at least next week i’ll be in a place that people appreciate my skill.

(Brothers are like that.) 😉

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… and of course some of us old jaded folks could get something from some of this too!

10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was a Young Musician

Many thanks to Charles Noble for this!

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I’m losing my touch for the oboe. I feel like an idiotic lost musician. How will I ever get in to belmont like this? Ehhhhh. 🙁

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Let me out myself once more: I like live music, played by warm bodies, for warm bodies, in real rooms. I prefer live performances of music made for live performance to recordings. I like the spontaneity and variation a live performance necessarily brings to a work and I like the way the music dissipates in a real room or out-of-doors space, as the sound waves are absorbed and reflected into both air, architecture, ear, and memory. A live performance of music is a unique event in time, space, audition and memory for which there is no adequate substitute.


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Ah well, it’s a big country. I guess I’m only famous in two zip codes – though I thought this was one of them.

-John Adams

(I read it here)

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What physical traits make it easy for someone to play oboe?
I’m joining middle school band this year, but first I have to go through mouth piece testing. You might know what it is, but just in case you don’t mouth piece testing is where they have professionals from each brass or woodwind instrument come to the school and get people to do things or look for traits that a person has that would make it easier for them to play that instrument (like try to keep a beat for percussion, see if they have a hangover on their lip etc.) And I really want to play oboe, but I don’t know what I’ll get a high score for in mouth piece testing. So what kind of traits make it easy for someone to play oboe? I know you have to kinda tuck your lips into your mouth, and I don’t have braces so it won’t hurt to do that. What other things like that would make me get a higher score for oboe?

I read it here.

I have read all sorts of things about what is required to play various instruments. A university student once gave me a booklet saying what various instruments required. According to that Louis Armstrong would be turned away from trumpet, to be sure.

I do suggest that those who choose oboe have hands large enough that their fingers stretch enough to reach the keys, and that they are old enough to deal with reeds.

Choose the instrument that you are most drawn to. Then practice. Hard. Take lessons from a good teacher. See if it works for you.

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Performances by two DePauw University School of Music faculty members will be featured tomorrow (Monday, June 21) on American Public Media’s Performance Today, which is broadcast on 245 public radio stations across the United States and is heard by about 1.3 million people each week. Leonid Sirotkin, part-time assistant professor of music, and Ekaterina “Katya” Kramer-Lapin, an accompanist and part-time assistant professor of music, will be heard performing two songs by Francis Poulenc (Ce doux petit visage and C) as well as Claude Debussy’s L’ame Evaporee.

On the selections, which were recorded February 12, 2009, Sirotkin performs on the English horn while Kramer-Lapin plays piano.

I read this on Sunday, but I don’t post anything but my music selections on Sunday, for the most part, so if you are interested in this you have to catch it today! To find a station near you go here. (Sadly, it’s not available on any station near me.)