Just various things that made me smile or scratch my head (or sometimes both) that I ran into recently:

  • How do you fix an oboe?
  • i am going to be playing oboe next year.what brand of instrument should i choose ? what type of reed and strength should i purchase??
  • The music ping-ponged between fast and slow music; jaunty syncopations volleyed with enigmatic queries. Especially alluring was the central Allegretto that opened with a muted trumpet-oboe duet perched on two pizzicato (plucked) violas.
  • The sound of a symphony orchestra is so powerful, it can move you physically as well as emotionally
  • I am interested in learning oboe. I think it’s a brilliant instrument. Is it difficult to get started?
  • University of Maryland’s Gamer Symphony Orchestra plays the game tunes you want to hear
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I know some may disagree – but sometimes the best way to end a crappy day is an hour of oboe!

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What’s funny is they say that the oboe is a hard instrument to play – I picked it up and could play a note on it just fine (I had ZERO problems with the double reed), however I could not for the life of me get anything to come out of the clarinet or saxaphone with that single reed – my mouth and lips were just naturally better suited for the double reed instruments! I also couldn’t get a noise to come out of the flute either as I just couldn’t get the air to blow across the mouthpiece.

I can nearly relate. I did begin on flute, and I could play it enough to play American Patrol (the final band piece I remember playing!), but nothing “fit” like an oboe.

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… and to celebrate summer …

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Just received:

Hello fellow brass player,

I think you and your students may be interested in a new app just released for French Horn players. It’s called [removed because I’m annoyed] and available for the iPad. I wrote the software and am very excited about sharing it.

The website is at
[removed because I’m annoyed]

Let me know if you need more information.

Best Regards,

Ed Trujillo, President

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And the composer who did the score loves piano, strings, oboe and bassoon, which is FANTASTIC – and clarinet too. but that’s mehhh.

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You’ll blanch when I tell you this. I’m actually working on a novel.

-John Adams

I read it here.