Just various things that made me smile or scratch my head (or sometimes both) that I ran into recently:

  • How do you fix an oboe?
  • i am going to be playing oboe next year.what brand of instrument should i choose ? what type of reed and strength should i purchase??
  • The music ping-ponged between fast and slow music; jaunty syncopations volleyed with enigmatic queries. Especially alluring was the central Allegretto that opened with a muted trumpet-oboe duet perched on two pizzicato (plucked) violas.
  • The sound of a symphony orchestra is so powerful, it can move you physically as well as emotionally
  • I am interested in learning oboe. I think it’s a brilliant instrument. Is it difficult to get started?
  • University of Maryland’s Gamer Symphony Orchestra plays the game tunes you want to hear


  1. You veterinarian can fix your oboe for you.

  2. I should have provided links, Brian, as I’m sure you could have answered all the questions! 🙂