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Vincent D’Indy: Chanson for Wind Septet
Aralee Dorough, flute; Erin Hannigan, oboe; Kenneth Grant and Eric Anderson, clarinets; Benjamin Kamins and Kara LaMoure, bassoons; Michelle Baker, horn

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To put it rather bluntly, normal people do not compose – or they compose like Carl Czerny or Murzio Clementi. You need a certain amount of openness and non-conformism to be creative. People who are considered mad have not been taught by life to wall up their openness and they have more direct contact to their unconscious.

-Heinz Holliger

You can read that, and a whole lot more, here. It appears Mr. Holliger really loves Schumann.

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[name here] is super excited to be getting an oboe tomorrow!! I got out my La Voz reed to see if I remembered how to make a sound of it. It sounded like a duck call and made me happy! 🙂

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A comment left at my site: “I always like to read what you encreve”

Heh. Um. Thanks. (Spam comment, actually … but creative word there.)

I’m sure getting tons of spam comments these days … sigh.

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It’s a double today, since these are connected:

DD is practicing her #oboe. But she hasn’t learned to play it yet. Sounds like an injured animal in heat!

… and a reply …

DS just had his first Oboe lesson last week. I feel your pain. Worth it in the end?

I was married less the two months after I turned 19. Crazy, yes? But read this:

He married at just 16 and his wife, Ana Maria Guerra Cue, gave birth to their son Jose a year later. Aged 17, Placido had a family to support, so he began to work as a jobbing musician. The dizzying range of activities he then undertook helped to set up his lifelong pattern of tireless hard work and multi-tasking wizardry.


The bigger news is something Jessica Duchen quotes in her article:

“I’ve been moving on stage all my life and I can still manage long rehearsal periods, so I feel fine in the right repertoire,” he told me. But he went on to say: “I just don’t want to go further than I should. I suppose there’s a certain limit: I don’t want to be 70 and still singing opera. I don’t think I will still be singing on 21 January 2011, which is my 70th birthday.”

Hmmm. I wonder if he still thinks this way, or if he said this after his cancer and now is changing his mind. In any case, I’m hoping he’ll be keeping his appointment on November second of 2010 with San Francisco Opera, because Dan (my husband of 34 1/2 years at this point) and I will be there.