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Dr Kraus has also discovered that musical training seems to enhance the ability to perform other tasks, such as reading.

She said that the insights into how the brain responds to music provided evidence that musical training was an important part of children’s education.

The article is actually about how music can help stroke victims recover their ability to speak.

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… was the 8th grader sad or happy about this? Hmmm.

Woman accused of stealing eighth-grader’s oboe at band concert

An oboe “sting” ended in the recovery of an instrument valued at $6,800 this week.

Sara Elizabeth Hefferon allegedly snatched the oboe after a May 5 concert at Mount Holly Middle School. It belonged to Cory Delehanty, an eighth-grader at the school.


Crazy. I hope her boyfriend dumped her.

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I know reviewers can write things that are a bit odd to my “ear” (eye?) but which don’t hit anyone else the same way. So tell me … do these things seem odd to you, or is it just me?:

Lindsey Goodman, principal flutist with the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra, was without fault during a recital at St. Marks United Methodist Church Thursday evening.


The tone of Rosemblum’s “Under the Rainbow” was set by Goodman’s appearance on stage with her bright ruby red slippers.

In this case, the ruby red high-heels.

Goodman huffed and puffed in sequence with the prerecorded material for nearly 20 minutes. Her range of tone on both the soprano and alto flute seemed limitless.

Her technical chops were awesome, but it was her self-ability to play in tune at all times under any circumstances that amazed me.

The alto flute can be a bear to command, but Goodman alternated between it and the soprano flute with nary a sour pitch or tone.

I read it here.

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What Do You Have To Do To Join A Symphony And Get Paid To Play An Instrument?

i would like to play the violin & get a salary for it, what do orchestra members amke yearly, do they need degrees, or will they hire you based on talent. thanks for your help.

Such a question, you know? You can go here to read all the answers, and perhaps give your own answer, but here’s the first reply;


June 24th, 2010 at 10:31 pm
piano teacher says:

I dont know how old you are. If you’re still in high school, start working your tail off. My daughter has the same aspiration with her french horn. She actually wants to be an author, but knows you can’t make any money until a book hits the shelves. So, she thinks maybe she could play for an orchestra to make money while she writes books. She’s only in 7th grade, but she is very talented. Her band director says she’s the best french horn player he’s seen come through their school. But talent won’t get her into a symphony orchestra all by itself. She’s going to have to keep her eye on that goal & practice very hard. And she’s starting working herself into that world as early as this year….. by auditioning for the Junior Youth Orchestra in Fort Worth. By high school, hopefully the Youth Orchestra. You might look for something like that in your area to give you some serious experience.

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[name here] is having a hard time trying to make any kind of descent oboe reed.

This week some of the wind section of the San Francisco Opera not only dealt with their grueling schedule of performances, but they also listened to the oboe auditions for principal oboe. (How they managed to get any sleep is a mystery to me.) They chose an oboist, and from what I hear we are in for a treat! Here’s the info:

Mingjia Liu, a 22 years old, currently 1st oboe in Kansas City Symphony and Oberlin student, where he studies with Robert Walters & Alex Klein. He also studied with Liang Wang’s uncle in China.

I hear he has incredible chops and (most important to yours truly) plays very expressively.

I do look forward to hearing him!

And wow … 22 years old!

Congratulations to Mingjia Liu!

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Sure, it’s International Bassoon Appreciation Day – but Orangutans get an entire *week*