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I know reviewers can write things that are a bit odd to my “ear” (eye?) but which don’t hit anyone else the same way. So tell me … do these things seem odd to you, or is it just me?:

Lindsey Goodman, principal flutist with the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra, was without fault during a recital at St. Marks United Methodist Church Thursday evening.


The tone of Rosemblum’s “Under the Rainbow” was set by Goodman’s appearance on stage with her bright ruby red slippers.

In this case, the ruby red high-heels.

Goodman huffed and puffed in sequence with the prerecorded material for nearly 20 minutes. Her range of tone on both the soprano and alto flute seemed limitless.

Her technical chops were awesome, but it was her self-ability to play in tune at all times under any circumstances that amazed me.

The alto flute can be a bear to command, but Goodman alternated between it and the soprano flute with nary a sour pitch or tone.

I read it here.

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