03. July 2010 · 7 comments · Categories: Links

I’m on Instant Encore. I must have signed up at some point, but I don’t even remember doing it now. I get alerts to some things there, and it appears I must have said I was interested in those blogs or something. I don’t remember signing up for those alerts either. I also have five “fans”. One of them is … drumroll … me. Um. Okay. I’m one of my five fans. That’s flattering. Or not.

Anyway, I have yet to figure out what Instant Encore is even all about. I’m slow to things like this. Heck, I’m slow to everything. Except chocolate.

I think this link takes you to my page. You could be my fan too. You could help build up my ego. As if that needs any building.

If you don’t want to do that, you can just send chocolate. That would help build my thighs instead.


  1. If you a are getting fan alerts, you must have signed on at least briefly and become a fan of something. You might have gotten it from Charles Noble. He is a big fan of Instant Encore and has mentioned it sometimes in his blog as well have having links to his pages there. I know that was how I found out about it. You probably filled out something on the forms about your blog. In general, though, just having anyone put it down as a blog they follow would be enough to have it included. Anyone who is listed as a performer in any of their audio files or concert listings will automatically have a page created. That was how Hilary Hahn got a page http://instantencore.com/contributor/contributor.aspx?CId=5042588 that she still hasn’t claimed (see the note in the left column about how she can claim it).

  2. Yeah, I’m sure I signed on … it greets me with my name, after all, and I have a password there. I just don’t remember doing this. Ah dear … is this my age or is it OldBoeBrain, I wonder?

    Hmmm. Maybe I don’t want to know, eh? Ack!

  3. Oh, and Randy, speaking of “OldBoeBrain” … have we “met” before? Either in real life or via the magic of our computers? I really apologize if we have and I’m being a tremendous flake!

  4. I’ve made a just a few comments here, mostly just in the last few months, I think. I really enjoy the videos and quotes you dig up, so keep them coming.

  5. Well it’s nice to have you here! Are you a musician? (Yeah, I’m nosy!)

  6. No, don’t play an instrument. Just a fan for nearly 50 years.

  7. I love fans! Very much so!